“I used to dread paying bills, now I look forward to it! I never thought I would say those words! Maria’s coaching is life changing!” -Lilah Reyes

“Thanks to CIOC I have received an awareness of the behaviors that were driving my poor spending habits as well as a newfound sense of empowerment. I am learning to celebrate what might appear to be small victories to some but they are huge to me! I am able to pay my rent weeks in advance, no longer overthink when it comes to paying bills, and have finally (13 years later) started making consistent payments on my student loans! I no longer dodge bill collectors…I answer my phone without fear and no longer need to make up lies or excuses! I am fighting back tears as I type because this workshop has restored my ability to dream. Although I will face challenges I am a different person than I was when I started and know that I will handle those challenges and continue to more towards our goal to be DEBT FREE!” – Emtesha Newble

”Went for a 2 hour class and I learned so much! Maria is very informative, and wants to help you to get your finances in order! I am going to take the plunge this year and do the full class/group that she has; she knows her stuff!! Loved it! Thank you so much for a sneak peek into better budgeting!” -Sadie Smith

“Maria is an amazing help financially. She was able to bring an understanding of my finances to me in a way I could understand. Her program has helped me figure out and know what the priorities are in my household. She is patient, knowledgeable and real. I am so appreciative of the help that she has given me and my family and the freedom of financial change!!! She will truly give you the opportunity to cash in on change!!! She’s awesome!!! Thank you Maria!!!” -Stephanie Graf