Your satisfaction is guaranteed! When you invest in yourself by enrolling in any of the CIOC services, you WILL get results.
* At CIOC we promise to deliver high-quality information, tools, and support to help you achieve the financial goals you set. Because your results will be a direct reflection of your efforts & honest self-disclosure,** all requests for full or partial refunds must be accompanied by documentation of having completed the work.***
*Results vary and are individually-based. You may experience results more quickly or at a slower pace than others based on the program(s) you choose, the amount of time & effort you put into the process, your current situation, and several other factors. No specific dollar amount or % is being promised as this would be impossible to predict, however, 100% of CIOC clients have seen a positive impact in their numbers (and for many this has happened in a very short period of time).


**Changing your financial situation will prove to be a freeing experience, but certainly NOT an easy one. Much of what got you where you are (good and bad alike) was a series of habits. Getting different results will require a new set of behaviors and change can be difficult. In order to achieve the results you deserve, you must be willing to be faithful to the process (which includes being honest with yourself and your coach about your behaviors that need to be tweaked). And while you may see positive results quickly, your overall financial situation may take a long time to achieve (especially if you are a great goal-setter!).


***Requests for refunds PRIOR to the onset of services will be considered on a case by case basis. Once services have begun, CIOC will offer refunds to any client who has completed all program activities and have applied at least 3 learned techniques for a minimum of 3 months (so as to give your situation some time to catch up with your new behaviors). No refunds (full or partial) will be given if requested more than 6 months after the last contact with a coach. Clients will need to provide written documentation of completed assignments, monthly budgets, and proof of “unsatisfactory results.”