My Philosophy & Approach

More than just teaching you how to create a budget, I want to help you identify the habits and choices that are keeping you from reaching your financial goals. Did you know effective money-management is only 20% math and 80% behavior?! This means that you can make “enough” money and still never have any leftover. Many clients are baffled when they make a list of their income versus expenses. They realize they should have lots of money left over, but instead they are left waiting on Thursday night for that Friday paycheck to post so they can buy groceries.  I believe that finding ways to make more money can be a great thing. But it’s not EVERYthing. In fact, if you find ways to make more money but have not yet mastered how to spend it intentionally, you may be wasting your time.

Because you did not develop your habits overnight, the idea that you can change them overnight is just crazy. HOWEVER, my program has proven that changing even just one habit at a time can make an incredible impact. But how do you know if you’re ready to start making those small changes? I believe that each person goes through a series of stages when it comes to a major change. These stages range from “not even thinking about it” to “consistently maintaining the new behavior.” I can help you identify which stage you are in and tailor my program to your situation. This approach will help you to truly identify and correct the thinking that is driving your behavior, which drastically increases your chances for success. Pair that with the real-life application and built-in accountability that’s provided at CIOC and you simply can’t go wrong.