Cash In On Change, LLC promises to treat you with the utmost respect by:

– Coaching you with YOUR best interest at heart. If we do not have an informed answer to one of your questions we will either seek to find such answers or refer you to a professional who does. We do not accept referral kickbacks, however, so you can rest assured that any referral will be done for the sole purpose of helping you.
-Enforcing and honoring our privacy policy. What is said in confidence remains so unless you request otherwise in writing.
-Recognizing that one size does NOT fit all. While there are many beliefs & behaviors that our clients have in common, we promise to provide coaching that is as unique as your situation.
-Maintaining reasonable levels of communication. Phone calls and emails will typically be returned within 24 -48 hours unless otherwise agreed upon. Please add to your contacts to help reduce the chances of it being mistaken as spam.

To ensure a productive, effective coaching experience, Cash In On Change, LLC asks that you, the client, reciprocate this respect by:


-Being faithful to the process. Transformation takes time and can be quite difficult at times. Your willingness to communicate honestly with your coach is essential. It is also important that you allow some vulnerability in order to gain the most benefit. Oh, and have some FUN too! There will be MANY opportunities for celebration during this process…We would love to celebrate WITH YOU!
-Completing all assigned worksheets, surveys, etc on your own time so as to give you the most benefit during your coaching sessions. Failure to complete certain assignments may result in cancelled (non-refundable) sessions.
-Taking advantage of the free tools that are available for your benefit (blog posts, webinars, etc).
-Honoring your scheduled one-on-one sessions. (please note that refunds are not offered on Discovery Sessions, and missed one-on-one sessions within a package will not be rescheduled)
-Taking full responsibility (and credit) for your choices and behaviors. Just as we won’t accept responsibility for your poor choices, we won’t take credit for your great ones! Cash In On Change will provide sound information and help you sort out how it can be applied to your situation, however, you are the ultimate decision-maker.
-Releasing Cash In On Change, LLC of any legal claim, suit, or action for damages you may claim were caused by information/instruction provided as a result of services.