About Me

For as long as I can remember I have been known for my listening ear. I guess you could say it’s part of who I am. But it was the tragic suicide of an 8th-grade friend that ignited in me a true desire to help people FIND HOPE. All through high school, 
 I was fascinated with human emotion and behavior, and that eventually led to my pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology followed by a Master’s in Substance Abuse Counseling.

For years I helped people recognize, face, and take back control over their behaviors. I enjoyed watching the change process unfold for them and was honored to be a small part of their recovery. And then years later, it was my turn for some major change…only for me it was not drugs or alcohol that created chaos in my world. It was money.

After making a series of poor choices (ones that were very much supported & encouraged by the American culture), my husband and I found ourselves facing a $93,000 mountain of debt (NOT including our home). Many people encouraged us to file for bankruptcy and I was confident that we would be eligible to do so. But everything in me knew that unless our BEHAVIOR changed, we would eventually end back up in the same situation. You may have heard that money is only 20% math , and 80% behavior…well, I couldn’t agree more. So we decided instead to take one small step at a time and climb our way out.

I gravitated towards Dave Ramsey’s program because it was in alignment with everything I knew about behavior change. Over the next 3 1/2 years we had A LOT of “life” happen to us, including a job lay-off, but we reached our debt-free goal and encouraged many others along the way. I now enjoy calling this “my job” and continue to be honored to be a part of this life-changing process for people.